1. What does chiropractic care do? 
Chiropractic care is a safe, effective method of treating the body without drugs or surgery that reduces pain, increases motion, and restores function. Like all health care, chiropractic is both a science and an art. Chiropractic adjustments affect the nerves, bones, muscles, blood, and lymph fluids that travel through the body. 

2. What is a Doctor of Chiropractic? 
Doctors of Chiropractic spend years studying the anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pathology, and biomechanics of the entire body. Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed primary care providers. This means that they can diagnose and refer to appropriate practitioners for all your health care needs. Doctors of Chiropractic focus their treatment to the neuro·musculo·skeletal system, which is the complex interaction of our nerves, muscles, and bones.

3. What is a chiropractic adjustment? 
Chiropractic adjustments usually involve a quick movement that helps add motion to joints that aren’t moving right. Some methods use the doctor’s hands, an instrument, a special table, or the force of gravity. There are many ways to adjust the joints. An appropriate technique will be used for you and your body.

4. Why do kids need chiropractic care? 
Children have bodies that function much like yours and mine. They have birth trauma from pulling and twisting, boo boos from falls and accidents, and play injuries. Car seats and sitting at school all day can create much of the same pressures that adults experience sitting at their computers all day. Carrying backpacks, poor posture, and puberty changes all affect the body. Kids uneven leg lengths, unbalanced hips, scoliosis, and other problems often go unchecked until adulthood. Childhood asthma can affect their rib cages, thoracic vertebra, and chest muscles. Kids have bodies, kids need chiropractic care too. Parents, help your kids enjoy their fullest potential, schedule your family for a chiropractic appointment!. 
Chiropractic care for children is different from that for adults. Tailored to their age and weight, their adjustments often require no more pressure than you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. Children often respond quicker to care than their parents because their tissues are more adaptable. Kids love it!

5. Are adjustments safe? 
Yes. Many studies have found chiropractic adjustments are remarkably safe. Adjustments are considered to be about 100 times safer than taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. Chiropractic is safe for kids, adults, pregnant women, athletes, seniors, and people with chronic diseases. The most common side effect is muscle soreness. Most who experience this, report that it only happens after their first and/or second visit. Most patients enjoy their treatments. A thorough exam can identify the rare person for whom chiropractic care might be unsuitable.

6. What makes the sound of the adjustment? 
Lubricating fluids separate the bones of each spinal joint and are enclosed in a fixed space. During some types of adjustments there is a pressure change in the joint which causes a noise, called a cavitation. This is analogous to hearing the same type of noise when you open a champagne bottle or remove a suction cup. The sound is interesting, but does not determine the quality or value of the adjustment.

7. How many adjustments will I need? 
The number of treatments varies with each patient’s health goals. Many people report relief after their first treatment. Even more find further relief or correct the problem over 6 to 12 weeks . In chronic cases, complete healing can take months or even years. Due to our sedentary work weeks, weekend warrior activities, and stressful lifestyles, many people decide they feel and function best with Maintenance Chiropractic Care. Your health care is always up to you!

8. What is Wellness Chiropractic Care ?
Wellness Chiropractic Care is done after we correct the problems we found on your spine. Just like cars need to get an oil change/tune up every certain amount of mileage to run properly, your body needs the same and we do it through chiropractic adjustments so your body doesn’t “brake down” on you, and we prevent things from happening. Preventing disease is the main role of Wellness Chiropractic Care. Also, we do nutritional counseling and give exercises that you can do for injury prevention.

Maintenance Care varies from person to person. Ask one of our doctors what your ideal Wellness Care is.

9. Will I need X-rays? 
We only take recommend X-rays when necessary to diagnose or treat your condition or when symptoms haven’t resolved. If X-rays are taken, not at our facilities, and we will go over them together and answer any questions you might have.

10. Can I adjust myself? 
Dr. Velez sees a doctor of chiropractic. Even with 18 semesters of collegiate training and years of experience he does not treat himself. Why would you?

11. Can I be adjusted too much? 
Our bodies are designed to move, so it is unlikely to be adjusted too much. The treatments are designed to restore normal movement. Adjustments are delivered with controlled force, in specific angles, to specific locations.

12. What if chiropractic doesn’t work for me? 
If we are unable to find and correct the cause of your particular health concerns, we will refer you to other specialists who may be able to help. All health care professionals work together as a team to help you be your best. Your health is our primary goal!

13. What if my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic or coverage is poor? 
Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know. It is your most valuable possession. Yet, each of us is free to place a different value on our health. It’s convenient when an insurance company helps pay the bill. But, be careful! Don’t allow your health insurance stock holders and profit margins determine what is healthy. Many insurance companies don’t cover pregnancy and delivery, dental check ups, eye glasses does that mean they are not important to your health? Find out how we make chiropractic care affordable for your family.