Dr. Mike Russo D.P.T.

Dr. Mike Russo, DPT graduated in 2007 from Cal State Long Beach’s prestigious Physical Therapy program under the guidance of one of the best orthopedic and manual skills professors in the country.   Mike has been a PT for 7 years and has successfully managed 2 facilities in Southern California.

Mike is a skilled orthopedic  physical therapist,  specializing in sports injuries, musculo-skeletal injuries, postural correction and pre- and post- operative injuries.  He encompasses functional biomechanical, soft tissue and joint treatment techniques.  Some of these specialized techniques he utilizes during his treatments include: Mulligan concepts , kinesio-taping,  Janda approach  and active release technique (ART).   Mike is also a credentialed clinical instructor by the American Physical Therapy Association and graduated from Temple University in 2014 with a doctorate of  physical therapy.  

Mike enjoys spending time outside with family and performing activities such as: hiking, boating, biking, running, camping, soccer, baseball, basketball and surfing.  Mike also loves to travel and currently lives in Long Beach with an aquarium full of tropical fish.

“As a former physical therapy patient, I understand the challenge and importance of striking a balance between rehabilitation and social factors.  My academic, personal and professional experiences have taught me that education, communication, motivation, and compassion are important factors that lead to a rewarding rehabilitation experience for patients”